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We are faith-based mission that allows students to discover and further their relationship with God while learning how to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We are founded on the principle of God’s teachings through the story of Micah. Micah’s Mission is an Independent Entity in the form of a Non-profit Organization. Our goal is for every student to be fully funded through grants and donations. All students are working towards a high school diploma or certificate and ready for college or the workforce. 






An educational mission that provides an Individual Innovative Learning for homeschoolers and project-based learners, as well as a Resource Center for a la carte schoolers with online independent learning, hands on learning, and daily living with a faith-based foundation for children K-12 with or without disabilities.

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Director Of Micah's Mission
Emily is a Statesman/Fighting Okra through and through. She graduated with her undergraduate degree from Delta State University. She earned a Masters in Special Education emphasis in Emotional-Behavioral Disabilities from the University of Southern Mississippi. Currently, she is in the dissertation process of obtaining a Ph.D in Education emphasis in Educational Policy, Leadership and Management. Emily was a Physical Education Teacher and Coach at Lee Academy in Clarksdale, MS for three years. Afterwards, she moved back to her hometown of Benton, MS and began her journey as a Special Education Teacher. Emily and her husband, Matt, have been married since 2005. They have two boys, Harber and Mattox. Due to Matt’s change in jobs, they moved to Vicksburg in the summer of 2011. After being a Lead Special Education Teacher for six years in the Vicksburg-Warren School District, Emily followed her calling to “step out of the boat”. This calling led to Emily creating and developing Micah’s Mission while researching during her Ph.D coursework.
Emily Harber Williams